1. The 20 Best Cookie Spots In NYC - Gothamist

    “Gracie Bensimon started slinging her sweet treats back in college, delivering fresh-baked late-night goodies around campus under the name S'more to Door. A stint at Momofuku Milk Bar followed, and now she's building her own business with Gracie Baked, which currently has a pop-up booth in Williamsburg's North 3rd Market. Bensimon offers two basic styles of cookies, both of them delicious. There's the "half-baked" regular-looking ones with the gooey insides, and the fun decorated-on-top ones, like the Peanut Butter & Jelly and the Cosmic Brownie pictured above.”

  2. 13 tools that chefs always have in their kitchens - Business Insider

    “Gracie Bensimon, owner of Gracie Baked (a Brooklyn-based baked goods company with a pop-up at North 3rd Street Market), told INSIDER that her favorite kitchen tool is an immersion blender with a food processor attachment. ‘I originally bought this as a treat for myself, thinking I would use it when attempting fancy dishes,’ Bensimon said. ‘Turns out I use it almost every day, for anything and everything … I love using it to perfectly blend soups and make salad dressings, aiolis, and sauces such as chimichurri and pesto.’ When it comes to baking, Bensimon uses the food processor attachment to make her own flours that she mixes into cookie dough.

  3. 7 Kitchen Tools You Don’t Actually Need, According to NYC Chefs - Domino

    “Bakers, rejoice: This recommendation enables you to cut down on a tedious step that one pro baker says isn’t worth it. ‘A tool I think is unnecessary is a sifter,’ says Gracie Bensimon, owner of Gracie Baked at North 3rd Street Market. ‘I always just make sure to whisk my dry ingredients to get rid of the lumps. It doesn’t make the ingredients quite as fluffy, but I’ve found that it doesn’t matter and using a sifter can just be a waste of time.’”